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With 4 warm cabins, 2 exciting tree houses, 3 Teepees and lots of camping spots, Monashee’s Woodland Retreat is the right choice for you!
Simply put, its the most complete and trusted We Love Our Visitors! camp site in Central BC.

Lake Monashee

All About Monashee’s Woodland Retreat

Monashee’s Woodland Retreat takes an integrative approach to whole body well being. We offer camp sites, cabins, teepees, and more in a lush mountain forest.

You will find healing for your mind, body and soul with our Reiki masters, massage therapists, traditional healing ceremonies, peaceful old growth forest and warm company.

What Makes Monashee’s Woodland Retreat Special

Monashee’s is home to a number of well respected metaphysical practitioners, including psychics, crystal healers, and new age pioneers. If you are a sensitive soul looking for answers or healing, this is the place for you.

Great Camping, Cabins, Teepees. Awesome outdoor adventures and more! You are welcome here. Come play with us all year round!

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Off Grid

Read What Some of Our Guests Have to Say!

We love our visitors , and are fully dedicated to keeping their trust. When you stay at Monashee’s you will enjoy the Great Outdoors  Yep, we certainly do! !

I come every year to Monashees for two weeks. My family love it here. We unwind, relax and really connect with one another.
Ken, Camper
The Yellow Cabin was so much fun to stay in. I have already booked to come back next year. The staff were very helpful and the trails are great for hiking.
Susan, Stayed in Yellow Cabin
Let me say something. You have an amazing retreat centre. They helped me a lot. This is what I call an “extra mile” in customer relationship. So I gave 5 stars for Monashee’s and if I could, I’d give 10 stars for the Reiki and personal growth.
Jim, Camper

Who Are We?

Overlooking the spectacular intersection of two beautiful valley’s is a fully functional 35 year campground with wild deer, eagles, hawks, bears, snakes, coyotes, newts, salamanders, frogs, weasels, foxes, moose, elk and many more species to mention roaming freely in harmony about this upper level plateau on the Monashee Pass.

The water is clean and pure straight from the mountain stream, the air is crisp and fresh, the view is spectacular in the powerful glory of all four seasons.

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Monashee's Woodland Retreat

Camp Off Grid in the Monashee Mountains of BC! Lots of Hiking, Mountain Climbing, Wildlife Viewing and more!

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